The Purview Model of Organization

A framework to better understand levels of organizational responsibility based on how far ahead a role is responsible for.

Towards a General Understanding of Culture

Culture is one of those words we hear and use all the time, often without certainty of what it means. Ask yourself: “what do I mean by culture?” The first answer may be, “well, it depends.”

We made lamps

A story about my father’s product design system and the lamps we put in the world thanks to it.

Puppyslugs ‘R Us: Part 1

A tongue-in-cheek look at AI and User Profiling, through the lens of Google’s hallucinatory “DeepDream.”

Puppyslugs ‘R Us: Part 0

A tongue-in-cheek lead-in to a more specific point about AI and User Profiling in the second part.