I do a bunch of stuff.

I am co-founder and strategic director of the Rebus.Foundation, a non-profit organization bringing books to the Web. To do this, we deliver web-based solutions to the Open Education Resources and Open Textbooks movements, via a ”future of work“ collaborative publication platform and metadata standards.

* * *

As a designer*, I work primarily at the strategic level, synthesizing foresight, outlining paths forward and writing briefs. More tactically, I develop product & service experience architectures and consult on how to do that.

I know UX, EA, IA & IxD for mobile and web. I can throw the first lines of architecture for hardware, OS & service platform experience systems. I can show you how machine learning, augmented reality, robotics and blockchain might impact your life. But it'll cost you.

I know how to grow design teams not only ←out→ but up ↑, as well as bridge design, engineering and business cultures. I advise organizations on how best to place their design investments.

I played Design Lawyer between two of the largest tech companies in the world, negotiating our UX positions for a suite of maps and navigation services.

For all these sorts of things, I can be available for short gigs or consultations. Drop me a line.

I understand design as “figuring out how something could be”, not just “making drawings.”

My design practice is focused on 1. the object & its materiality (be it bits or atoms), 2. tool making and 3. modular systems. Always, modular systems.

* * *

I read a lot and widely. I research theory, history and ideology across social & political sciences, humanities and design. I love to discuss (but hate to debate).

I have produced, curated and MC‘ed monthly art, architecture & design events with audiences in the hundreds. I miss it like an alcoholic misses a good drink.

Eager to share my experience and perspective, I mentor and coach a small number of individuals, broadly on critical thinking, analytical skill, problem solving, decision making and holistic seeing, sometimes also personal & professional development.

I’m always up for speaking engagements, public or private discussions, “outside perspectives” in brainstorming and workshops, as well as one-off or on-retainer pin-point insight and foresight research. Get in touch.

* * *

I'm from Montreal. I currently live in Berlin. I speak English, French and German fluently.
I am often in Japan. I am fluent in the culture, but not the language.
I thrive in diversity. It is life. Ask me how.

* * *

Things I have done

  • While at Nokia Maps/HERE, I ran several design teams both in product and strategic areas. While there, I developped the experience architecture for our suite of Maps & Navigation apps which was deployed on several mobile, desktop and in-car platforms. Over five years I worked hard behind the scenes, politicing to grow design from dev-team-level-only up through product, portfolio and finally executive level, serving on the VPs staff.

  • I designed, branded, built and maintained GlobalVoices and all its various parts for the first 3-4 years of its life.

* * *

Things I think a lot about

  • Media Technology's role in Civics & Journalism.

  • The experience of reading and living with ebooks.

  • The ongoing evolution of Design, from craft, to discipline, to science to philosophy.

  • History, Critical Theory, Liberal Arts.

  • The important roles of the social sciences & humanities in society.

  • Cultural anthropology & Cognitive Psychology.

* * *

If all this sounds like too much bombast, please remember I am a humble Canadian. Our self-promotion skills are not as developed as some others, so I may have overdone it a bit. Sorry. ;)