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Hi CCI folks 👋🏼

Boris Anthony

Joining in on our weekly calls I am awed by the glimpses I get into everyone’s different projects. While I don’t have expert knowledge in most of the amazing stuff y’all are doing, I do have a breadth of uncommon experience and perspectives which I would love to find a way to make valuable to you.

To that aim, I’m offering 30 to 60 minute chats with anyone who’s up for discussing their projects or problems or ideas or challenges. I’m usually pretty good at big picture or interconnected/cross-pollinated perspectives, often from “around the corner” vantage points.

Find a spot and book me.

I’ve added a bit about me below, in case you want some context for what to expect.

First some general background: I’m Canadian of German/Austrian descent. I grew up in Montreal, a high functioning multi-cultural society, layered over generations of migrations from all over the world. I attended a french private elementary and high school, and in college I studied something equivalent to Liberal Arts. I am fluent in English, French and German. I spend the winters in rural northern Japan at my wife’s family home.

I’ve been based in Berlin—a place I call the Capital of Atemporality—since late 2009.

I have been living and working on the web since 1996. I am, interstitially, an information architect, digital tradesman and strategist. In 2003 I met Joi who swept me up and took me along (parts of) his path. (So here I am :)

More recently and professionally, I was a design director responsible for mobile UX and—more interestingly—”experience architecture” at what used to be called “Nokia Maps” (consumer digital maps before Google and Apple).

I co-founded and am Strategic Advisor to the Rebus Foundation, where we started on a journey of supporting—with technology and processes—the publication of open, web-based textbooks.

I make time for self-directed research, stretching myself across media theory, cultural anthropology and human socio-economic history.

I am sometimes an independent strategy consultant, being a sparring partner for concept discovery, exploration and critique.