Professional Statement


I seek opportunities to help guide important endeavors and grow my creative leadership abilities.

My overall goal is to raise awareness of and foster progress on those important aspects of society, economy, politics and culture which afford all humans our dignity.

I thrive on media, technology, art & design that is grounded in the present and poised towards tomorrow. I value theory as much as craft, abstraction as much as the concrete.

I add value as:

  • an advisor
  • a consultant
  • a strategic architect
  • an oblique perspective

Invite me to:

  • speak
  • be on a panel
  • workshop
  • brainstorm


I’m going to be honest with you because I think that’s important and I believe you can take it.

I try to inspire rather than direct.

I frame why and what if, always mindful of how.

The big picture is always what is foremost in my mind and my hands.

Details are important, and I trust that a great team can nail ‘em.

Great work happens when you are true to the people, the materials and the tools.

Some Orgs I have worked with

Some great Organisations I have worked with and for:

Events I have been part of organising: