What I Do

I figure things out, outlining early hunches.
I seek the positive, the opportunities when looking at new situations, problematic or otherwise.

My process is essentially this:
Break it down, abstract it up, figure it out, try it on.

I believe progress and innovation are based in creativity, confidence, experience and desire to go further.

I help

  • frame the important Why? What if? How? questions any organization should be asking itself.
  • structure vision, strategy & tactics, so that they can become cultural artefacts.
  • scale organizational design capability, from Production up to C-suite level.
  • harmonize Product & UX cultures and tools.

I also make networked things:

  • WordPress/MediaWiki/MovableType/etc…
  • I built everything in my Portfolio

Some recent examples of engagements:


Rebus Open Textbooks

With partner Hugh McGuire, we are seizing the challenge of tackling not just the high cost of academic textbooks, but of book publishing in the digital, Web-based world generally.

We have set a vision, agreed on an initial strategy, and outlined our hunches for how we will go about building the future of ebooks.

Intercom - Visual Language


Intercom’s VP Product, Paul Adams and Head of Design, Emmet Connolly approached me to help them figure out the harmonisation of their product UX across platforms and dev teams. With very limited time, I helped tune their correct hunch: the need for both a small team responsible for the topic, and a set of tools and content, such as UI pattern libraries. I recommended also a set of living cultural artefacts and ways of cultivating them.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 2.21.54 PM


After a year of focussed work on making a wonderful wood + digital toy for children, founders Justyna Zubrycka and Matas Petrikas figured it was time to think about what their vision, as a company, is. I facilitated and guided a very hastily assembled workshop and discussion with the team.

We didn’t nail it that day, but the team has a great future ahead of it.


Former Nokia & Dopplr colleague, Marko Ahtisaari put together this remarkable team, led by Ville Hyvönen. Their goal is to realize an entirely new experience based on sharing networked audio-loop videos. “The infinite video-looped soundtrack of our lives.”

Amongst a few other things, I helped explore the materiality of the media concept and its language. Illustrations, a few days workshopping and a report was delivered.