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Boris Anthony @ JoiLab, Tokyo

@JoiLab, Tokyo. 2007. Photo CC-BY Joi Ito

  • In the above photo, I am working on, finishing off the first version of the Lingua multi-language translations system. Designing, architecting, branding, engineering, building and maintaining GV and its various projects is still some of my best work. Two key topics explored while at GV were:
  • Together with a dedicated team of volunteers, I founded, ran, curated and MC’d Pecha Kucha Night Montréal for almost 3 years. Every 6 weeks, an audience of over 500 of Montreal’s creative community would get together and make noise.
  • I got to work on Dopplr—a yet-to-be-surpassed social network service startup for travellers—with an all-star team. At Dopplr I explored the notion of “sculpting data into web service experiences.”
  • With a few years at Nokia’s maps & navigation unit, “HERE”, I have experience in product UX up to portfolio strategy, as well as multi-platform experience system architecture, design process, team management and organization culture, company vision. I got to collaborate with partners such as Microsoft Windows Phone and Facebook.


  • A most wonderful woman married me in April of 2014. Happiness.

<3 @ Tam

  • I’m fluent in German, English and French since the age of ten. My father was German, my mother Austrian, I grew up Québecois surrounded by an anglophone minority. My first name is Russian, my (real) last name pseudo-Polish and my in-laws are Japanese. If I sound funny to you, well…
  • I’ve met some remarkable people in some of the most amazing placesA privilege I can hardly–.
  • I’ve snowboarded since we weren’t allowed in ski resorts without certification. (That’s circa 1987.)

Ok enough of that. ;)